We Went to Jupiter: Part 2

So this is part 2 of the adventure which was Jupiter Artland. Are you excited. I am.

The first photo is called 'Xth Muse' by Ian Hamilton Finlay and the last 2 are of the Temple of Apollo which is also by Ian. The Xth Muse is of the poetess of erotic lyricism and symbol of love and beauty. She's a beaut. The temple is described as the 'apollo of the French Revolution'. I loved this part 'Revolt in his Heart'.

The top photo is the 'landscape with gun and tree' by Cornelia Parker. I think this made the OH a bit excited. A man and a huge gun aye! The last two photos are of  the piece 'In Memory' which looks very sombre, but it's simply a place to 'mark lives that are passed' which I think is sweet. No names. All religions. Just a nice space. I had to take a quick photo cos other people came into the space and it didn't seem as calm to me. But it's a good one.

So this piece wasn't great to photograph. Over There by Shane Waltener. But it's still really cool. Knitted with circular knitting needles and fishing line, which was inspired by Shetland lace. Of course it's cool!

This was pretty cool. A 'signpost to Jupiter' by Peter Liversidge.

The estate owners had some cute donkeys in a field nearby and they were so happy to come and say hello!

These are called 'Life Mounds'. If you have ever been to Edinburgh Modern Art Museum they aren't dissimilar to the ones out front. Me and the other half kind of skidded down them on the way down. This was the highest one. I'm not sure skidding was the best idea but I think I almost go grass burn on my bum at one point. There were lots of laughing going on.

This is called 'The light pours out of me'. But because it was such a dull day we never really got the full effect. However I thought of my mum because she loves purple and these, are they called semi prescious gemstones? Amethyst Crystals? Anyway a really cool under the floor level installation.

A path to a pond.

And my favourite outside the woodland is this the 'Love Bomb' which is by Marc Quinn. I think this was a big pull to come here. Anything with colour drives me to love it. This sculpture is 12 metres tall. It is absolutely beautiful. I was practically running towards it to take photos {on my dying phone}.

Jupiter Artland is amazing. I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys exploring wildlife and art. We walked around for a good 2 hours. So leave plenty of time. It's also really easy to get to {not like the Kelpies}. The best time to come is about 10-11am.

Go explore with an open mind and explore this lovely wee Estate.