Some of my favourite things

I have been meaning to share some of my favourite things but never remember to take photos. I thought I would start with some of my fav necklaces.

The first 2 necklaces are from H&M. Love the simplicity of them. plus I love triangles. The next triangle one is from Mozzypop, She's a small business. This is a long line necklace, I love the colour combo gold peach and turquoise. The last one is total geekery. Do you recognise it from Harry Potter? It's hermione's time turner necklace from the Prisoner of Azkaban film. It has an actual sand timer in the middle and spins when you flick it. I found it on eBay. 

 The deadly hallows necklace. I had to get one. Not to mention it is also a triangle! The second one I got last summer from Newlook. I wore it most of summer and still do to add some love into my day. The next one is one of my most worn of them all. I found this one in a charity shop years ago and I always wear it. Even my mum calls it my favourite. The last one I also got from Mozzypop. Its a long length necklace with 5 quartz crystals hanging from a bar. I love wearing this with my sun and moon dress.

And of course my latest edition. The Watermelon. By Lucie Ellen

I hope you enjoyed nosing at my favourite neck accessories.