New Trousers

I love floaty trousers. They are the next best thing to shorts in the hotter weather. And my lord has it been hot this past week. Not so much sunny but muggy.

I saw someone wearing these trousers and knew I had to find them. So after trawling through Google I finally tracked them down to Riverisland. Sadly they didn't have my size in stock. So I left it. However my feelings towards them were too strong, so I searched eBay. Et Voila I tracked down a pair of brand new trousers and they were £10 cheaper.

I couldn't wait to get them. I was definitely going to show them off this weekend.

We went for a walk down by the Salmon Viewing Centre and I found a floating Teacup and a Clown.

These trousers are incredibly comfy and I can see myself wearing them on many occasions this summer, both casual and not so casual.