More old sketchbooks

As well as my Textile sketchbook I also got my, I think it was called, 'Critical assessment' or something. Basically we had to choose a Design movement or artist and a fine artist to study. I chose artists close to my own style. Throughout the sketchbook I would lay out examples of work and explain why i like it or not in some cases. Also adding in my won drawings of their work.

My Fine artist of choice Was Paula Rego. I discovered her in College. She mixed reality and Fairy tales which I really liked. She was a bit out there in her style. I tried to incorporate her expressiveness in my own work at the time.

My design movement of choice has always been Art Nouveau, and I had discovered the Glasgow Four and in turn Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh {Rennie's wife}.

She seemed to stand in the shadow of Rennie a little and I think my decision was semi feminist. But mainly I just found her work so intricate and so feminine compared to Rennie's.

Another blast from the past. I love making sketchbooks. Like my own little storybook. I still ind of do it but I have far too many different ideas I end up half finishing them. I think it is my aim to start again. Just fill pages with anything and everything. Go forth and Create!


  1. All sketches are really beautiful. You have a good skill. I also love to make sketches and makes different designs for textile and also search for new ideas regarding textile design.

    Robert Green


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