Love Thy Denim

I've been meaning to do this customisation for a while. Since I have started wearing my denim jacket again in the fairer weather it felt a bit dull.

 I bought some of these cross shaped studs in H&M a good while ago. I had an idea what I wanted to do with them but I never got round to it. Like everything else. I'm sure you can acquire other shapes of studs from eBay.

I decided to keep it simple and put a couple on the breast pocket.

These are so easy to attach. Pick your spot and push the spikes through {watch your fingers}.

Find something solid to push the spikes flat against the fabric. I used these cutters, closed, to push mine down. Pliers are probably a better choice, I couldn't locate mine.

Et Voila some lovely new detail to my favourite summer jacket.

I also added some to my khaki jacket. I pondering what else I could customise. I'm tempted to go full hippy and embellish a peace sign to the back of my khaki jacket.

I have customised since I was little. If I buy something with a thread sticking out or a button missing I don't go back to the shop to complain {I know plenty who would}. Fix it yourself. I find it sad that folk don't know how to 'make do and mend' anymore. Well I don't want to look like everyone else. Customise until the end!!