It was a lovely day...

We walked by the Salmon Viewing Centre. The fields around it were occupied by Scout tents and buzzing with the sound of wooden hammers and hundreds of  little busy insects. The air was heavy and hot and the sky was all cloudy but it was a lovely day to have a wander.

We passed what looked like a Scouts camp. Look at these cute tents in my favourite colour. {They also had tent toilets out of shot!}

Fresh flowers in a pot attached to this memorial bench.

Spotted this floating cup in a lovely bright blue with polka dots. I think it acts as a bird bath. It was big enough anyway!

And this random Ronald McDonald framed photo booth.

And this one!

A, what would you call this, a Roller? Parked near some maintenance going on at the Salmon leaping bit. I saw a few leaping about the water. Usually you just hear a plop and then a circle of water.

There was this random Cargo holder, I'm guessing to hold valuables of the work going on. This one had P&O on the side of it.

We ended the day in the coolness off the flat with a lovely refreshing Corona or Two!

I like chilled out day like this. You never know what you will see when you wander about the sticks!