Fancy Dress Parade

Every year in our town there is a thing called Braw Lads and Gala Day. The whole event is based on battles involving horses etc around the Scottish Borders. Each major town has some sort of 'Common riding' in tribute.

Throughout the week there are various horse type activities which then lead up to Gala Day on the Saturday. I used to go out for it a lot more when I was younger. And probably knew more folk in Gala. These days we escape on the Saturday and enjoy some drinks at home in the evening.

Tonight was the Fancy Dress Parade. How many people can say they live in a town which still does such things. It's a bit of fun. There is a Pipe band, then all the fancy dress folk and then the Pipe Band and the Horses.


These guys are dressed as pensioners who stop and start raving. They do a dance every year.

The Braw Lad and Lass at the front of the horses.

I find it hard to stand amongst loads of people from my town. It's a weird sort of fear. Once I'm out I'm fine. And the OH is right there. I think I have gained a lot more anxiety of going outside over the last few years and I don't know why. This is something I have been trying to remedy for a while now. I hope to crack it this year. I'll always have some form of it but it won't consume me like it seems to be. I'm ok when I'm with the OH, just being on my own outside can scare me.

Even though we don't get involved much with the Gala day, it's pretty cool to have a tradition like this in your town. Hooray for Gala Day!!