Birthday wishes

It was my birthday at the end of last month. I've kind of got to that age where it's not a bit deal. I would rather have fun than think about the amount of gifts or cards I get. Myself and the OH don't really need anything. We can buy things when we need or want them so we are lucky in that way.

Anyway for my birthday we really didn't do much. It was the OH's birthday the day before and we wandered up to Edinburgh for a bit of culture and then a bit of shopping. On my Birthday I didn't want to do very much coz we had been pretty busy that week already, but I ended up going to my Maw's house {My childhood home} with my bro for the afternoon. A bit of relaxing was done. Caught up with the bairns {cats}, and I got to hold theeeee cutest puppy ever.

I got a couple of nice things, including this photo journal from the OH. It has bits for writing and bits for your photos. Since I take so many instax and don't have anywhere to put them yet he thought this was a cute place to keep them. He was right. Can't wait to start filling it. It comes with the wee photo corner stickers too!

So, I'm a tiny bit obsessed about the Little Mermaid right now {And to be honest Disney!} So when we went looking for a toy for our niece Freya I saw this lego set. So someone bought it for me. How cute is the little flounder. There was no Sebastian though! Whats that about?

I have already blogged about this bad boy but I love it. This was a birthday treat to myself. Love love love.

Another necklace. I love this one from River Island. I bought it with the dress in the photo bellow as another Birthday treat {See treat yourself!!} I love the boho/hippy look in the summer coz you can dress it up and own and still feel comfy. This necklace is long in length, and probably quite lethal if swinging about! I'm loving long necklaces. I feel like I can still wear a scarf and you can still see it. {on another note I love my outfit bellow, getting back into my denim jacket in the warmer weather is nice}

I really did have a good week off for my Birthday. I really loved that we went to see the Kelpies. And we were blessed with some warm weather. Not quite hot summer temperatures but enough to get us outside in it.

I also got to go to Primark and other lovely shops and bought lots more treats like books and pwetty dresses.