A Bit of Beauty

I wasn't 100% sure whether to post this but I am going to because the comfort zone is there to be conquered.

I NEVER blog about make-up. I don't really know much about it. I don't wear make-up daily. It's more like dressing up for me. But this doesn't mean I don't buy it or love picking new products.

So out of my comfort zone I thought I would share some of my current favourites.

I only really wear these on days off if I'm heading out somewhere. Or for a night out. If I wore it to my work It would fall down my face half way through the day, the most I put on is mascara and that's if I remember. I'm very low maintenance basically!!

{from left}
NYC skin matching luminizer foundation in a light beige. I have fair skin And this works really well to making it less obvious I'm wearing any foundation.
NYC cityproof intense lip color  It's a lovely plum colour and applies like a crayon.
Bourjois Je T'aime blush in Golden Rose My school best friend used to use this all the time when I was a teen and I think it just stuck. It leaves a lovely glow and is perfume too.
Another NYC product.
NYC City Curls So far this one is doing it's job on my pitiful lashes.
Along Came Betty Dare to Define Jumbo Eyeliner I really like this, it's basically like a felt pen. And the control is like one too. Love.
Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. This can be a life safer coz my skin can be really shiny. And it hold things in place well.
My foundation brush is from Primark.

I bought this Natural Glow shadow & blush palette by Barry M I always went for black or grey colours for my eyes but I think I have moved away from my goth days so this palette is perfect with lovely bronzed browns.
The Brow Kit Shape and Define also by Barry M scared me a little. As I have said I'm low maintenance I don't pay much attention to preening as I maybe should but I never have so this is a new area for me. I tried it out the other weekend and I can see the appeal, I can also see how some folk might draw them on too fake and obviously fake. A nice wee kit though. It has wax to shape your brows, dark powder to define them and highlight powder. I think I will reserve this for special occasions.

I love Model's Own nail varnish. This neon pink is a matte polish, my fav summer colour. The clear varnish is a nail strengthener and I use it as a base coat too.

That wasn't too painful.

Although I don't wear make-up daily I still really enjoy playing around with it. Especially if I'm getting really dressed up. I have no idea if I apply it properly or if I match anything to my face or skin tone but I really don't mind. If I feel comfortable that's all I care about.

It doesn't mean I don't often feel intimidated by immaculately done up women. It's natural to feel a little exposed if you have gone somewhere make up free. But sometimes it makes me see the make-up more {Some people don't know when to stop applying that orange foundation!!}

I'm pale, spotty and scarred. I get blemishes at a single touch. My pores are HUGE. My skin is oily and I have a million other flaws only I can see. However I am over it! I have people in my life who love me for my awesome flaws. Embrace them. Your pretty much stuck with them.

But sometimes we like to cover them up and that's ok too!