29 books before 30

So I just turned 29, and my next big milestone is just round the corner {or so it feels}. I have seriously been a lazy reader for many years. But just before my Birthday I started reading a book and then that multiplied since then. So I have decided to have a wee challenge. Read 29 books before I turn 30.

So far I have read 3 books. First you should know, I am a Teen fiction fan. I can eat my way through a book in a few days. They aren't all lame stories believe me. We all deserve a feel good story now and again.

My first Book was Biographical. Tina Fey's Bossypants. I have only ever came across her in Mean Girls {which she wrote}. It appears she has done a whole lot more. I identify with her humour so I found it just pure genius. Her recounts of situations and descriptions of her family are superb colour for your brain. She is also a very talented writer. She knows how to play with words an had me laughing out loud in the canteen at work.

My second read. The title grabbed me one evening whilst food shopping. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. This book is far too easy to read. It's a sort of coming of age book. Main character Cath and her struggles to expand her world of Fan fiction into college life. I like the style of writing. It has good humour and the characters are engaging from the start. I spent many evening refusing to put it down.

My third read is a book which I think pretty much everyone has heard of. And the film is out soon. The Fault In our Stars by John Green. I went into this only knowing that it's about a young girl with Cancer. It's so much more. Although it also classed as Teen Fiction. It handles a complicated love story so delicately with all its ups and downs. I have never read anything by John Green but I had heard of him for so long. I bought this at the same time as Fangirl and I'm glad I did. No book has ever tugged my comfort zone so much since I last read an Irvine Welsh novel.

It'll make you laugh and cry and think about yourself. I love this book.

{I must add I literally just finished this book, I sat for about an hour on the last 70 pages with white noise thunderstorm in my ears to block out any other noise, so I could indulge myself in the last moments of this amazing book}

So that is 3 out of 29 done. My next book will be Eleanor & Park which is also by Rainbow Rowell. I usually have a book I read at work but I might need to stick to the one, I don't think my brain could take 2 books at once. {I read Tina Fey at work, but being a Biography it wasn't hard to follow coz there wasn't an overall plot}.

What books are you reading? Any good Biography I could read at work in particular?!! I'd love some suggestions towards my 29!!