Mackintosh Rose

I loooooooove Art Nouveau. From High school Art to present day I have always looked at this movement for inspiration.

Doesn't this look like a Mackintosh Rose!

And as you might already know I like to experiment with various medium when I'm getting creative.

I have literally been keeping a Celery for ages to try this out. When you come across an idea it happens eventually.

I love stamping. You can literally take ANYTHING and stamp with it. It starts with your hands as a kid and develops into potatoes amongst other veg and fruit.

Why bother stamping? Have you ever thought about customising some plain fabric? This is a great method for this. If you have good skill you can carve out intricate shapes from rubber and go to town with it.

This method is also a brilliant way to personalise cards for loved ones or art for your wall.

Have fun!