Life through my phone

I was excited to see Blossom when I left work one evening.

A fun night out with my Bestie and the OH at a friends house.

I've been experimenting with cooking and this was a finishing touch. Love the jar.

My plants are thriving with the sunshine.

Water based cocktail ;)

I opened my pressed flowers from last year.

Camembert is one of my favourite cheeses.

I made a pom pom rug for someone's little boy.

A moto.

I made Scotch eggs. I love making these so much.

Potato stamping ain't just for the kids.

New craft supplies.

Found this teapot in the charity shop. I love it. especially as i haven't been into a charity shop for ages.

Wanders out in the sunshine.

Treated myself to this necklace.

Looking round antique shops is the best.

Vintage drawer lining from my Dad's OH. Love when people see something and think of me.

The last month seems to have just flown by. Looking forward to Summer ventures.


  1. Just one thing to say here... THAT TEAPOT IS INCREDIBLE AND I AM SO JEALOUS! :-D

    Dayner x //

  2. I know right! I did that sneaky grab when I saw it incase someone else saw it. that charity shop paranoia hehe!


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