Do you want melon with your water?

I've become obsessed by fruit shapes recently. In particular pineapples and Watermelon. I love the graphic shapes and colour of fruit. From repeat pattern to a simple solo shape. I love them.

So my Birthday is in just over a week and I thought I'd treat myself. As soon as I saw this on Etsy in Lucie Ellen's shop I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!

I'm not a big jewellery buyer. But when I buy it, I know exactly what I like. I don't tend to spend too much on it since I don't wear it often enough. And when I do it tends to be a statement. And a certain look I go for. I like simple necklaces for patterned tops and dresses and bright ones for plain outfits.

This necklace wasn't what I'd call cheap but I invested in this thing of beauty because a) it's my birthday soon and b) I doubt I will come across something as good as this.

The best part, after receiving the item of course, is the packaging. I LOVE how buyers wrap their items. Some are better than others but I think it tells a lot about someone.

Lucie you have a new fan, I look forward to seeing what you make in the future. And Thank You.


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