Zine #2

So I went and wrote another story, which I turned into this little Zine.

I love Space and I'm not afraid to admit it. Space is magical. I love everything about it.

To try and think about how small we are in this wide open Universe. Gives me a headache. It is wonderful.

And I tried to grasp a little of that in this story.

As far as Wilbert was concerned he was an astronaut.
His rocket travelled up into the sky every night.
A crew of one.
He fought engine failure, martians and moon creatures almost daily.
He put on his helmet made of a Baco laden shoebox.
His ship was stationed under the stairs.
Mission control would call him to bed at the end of every mission.
Where with heavy limbs he would drag himself up the stairs to his sleeping quarters.
Wilbert slept in a small bed by the window in his room.
Pulling back the curtains every night to reveal thousands of twinkeling lights.
He stared up at the sky, and wondered
'where did they all come from?'

As Wilbert fell asleep a star whispered gently
As he opened his eyes.
He was no longer in his bed.
Wilbert was in his small Space Rocket.
Wearing a silver Space suit.
He peered out the window.
'how did i get here?'
The star came forward with a big smile on it's face.
It explained what all creations are made from.
That everything is connected.
That we are all made of Stars.
Wilbert couldn't believe it.
All this time.
He was already in Space.

The next time Wilbert went into Space.
Instead of fighting with Martians.
He swam with the Stars.

I have no idea if I'm good at stories but I enjoy writing them and illustrating them as best I can.

I hope you enjoyed this one!