Spring Cleaning

It's getting close to proper Spring and my mind starts to think about changes.

What do I want from this year? or my life? I turn 30 next May so as i approach the last year of my twenties. I start to think about bigger things. Things that maybe someone my age should have in the bag already.

However I spent most of my early twenties not really settling. Battling some troubles and trying to figure out what I would be doing for the next while.

The more life creeps up on me the more things I want from my own life. Through my own effort.

I am happy. I have a full time job. I have my health. I have a soulmate and Bestfriend who is my rock. I have my parents. A Brother I'm proud of. We have a roof over our head and live in a first world country. I have nothing to complain about.

Though sometimes it can't be helped. Daily strains catch up on you, and I've been through the mills concerning my family and mental health. But the last year has been probably my best year. Any depression I have felt has been mild compared to other years. And I have control over it.

This is also why I can't wait for the Sun to pop out and Spring to kick life back into me. Though the Winter/Spring transition is harder for those of us with introvert tendencies, and a slight hate of broad daylight on our tired faces. I am forcing myself to see it through and challenge myself.

But I am also allowing myself to recharge. Like my neglected plants I have neglected my own needs, simple things like a face mask or a long hot shower. Giving myself permission to have time for me. And learning to relax by taking up reading again.

Time is key. If you can't give yourself time to relax and grow then you are not giving yourself what you really need.