Some Plant tlc

It has been a long winter. I have never really been good at keeping plants. But usually I manage to keep on top of them. This year however my neglect has been a little more. Busy life equals "oh crap my plants look half dead".

So Saturday was finally time to give them some tender loving care. I popped on some tunes and well it sounds funny but I spoke to them and sang. Yes this sounds mad but someone I know from school did an experiment where they put rice in jars and labeled them with neutral, good guy and bad guy. And spoke to them accordingly. So technically I'm quite sane.

I love my plants. They bring life into our little flat.

I love getting my hands mucky. There is nothing more therapeutic than when you repot some plants. They make everything nice for a while. Nice and calm.

I know I have been quite silent blog wise. But I guess like my plants I have neglected it a wee bit recently.