Life lately through My Eye-phone

I haven't done one of these for a while. Mainly cos I was just working and no-one wants to see photos of that. Though I haven't ventured far from home lately, I make the most of my surroundings.

Working on some Design Zines. Really enjoying making these for my own creative needs.

I finally caught up on the Coven series of American Horror Story. I can't wait for the next one, and I know I will be purchasing the boxset soon.

For the first time in ages I've felt really enthusiastic about reading. My favourite things to read are graphic novels, biographies (comedians mainly), sci-fi, and anything which suits my interests (craft books etc). I  recently discovered a graphic novel series based on a cartoon called Adventure Time which I'm excited to read.

Bunny sweeties, just coz.

I finally bought myself a vintage style phone. So cool having this phone, I remember having one when I was little. Either to play with or at someone house. The only downside to this one, right now, is it kicks off our Internet when its being used coz it shares the same extension. Might need to save this until we get a new place. But ain't it pretty.

As I wrote before I neglected my plants a little so it's been nice to see them start to thrive again.

I'm excited for Easter and enjoy trying out ideas I see on Pinterest. {Ones I can realistically achieve}

I got to go to Primark last week and I may have went a bit over the top on My Little Pony, but I don't care though coz I like being that way. There are some really cute Disney T-shirts that i splurged on too. I love wearing colour and not feeling self conscious. I want to be a rainbow.

This book dropped through my door last week. It's by a lovely lady I have followed on Twitter for many years. And she's Scottish. Winner. Another book to add to my read list pile. I read one page and already can't wait to get stuck in. I'd recommend giving it a go!

Grateful for blue skies creeping through these days.

Walks with the OH to places of interest. {Sometimes more for him, but that's love}

I plan to decorate these and put them somewhere. Being Scottish and aw that. Incidentally this indicates my views on the Scottish referendum.

I have also been totally playing with Space this weekend. Finally got into a little creative groove. I was playing with Space Pasta on black cloth here. This is the sort of thing that happens during my creative process.