A wander by the Railway line

We took a wander to the old railway station in Melrose, a town near ours. And is busy gearing up for the annual Rugby 7s. So we thought we'd go to the quiet end of town.

The old railway station is now partly a restaurant but you can wander around  the exterior, up to where the platform would have been. It has been recently maintained with old signage and a lick of paint. It's cool to think trains went past here. Especially now that a railway line is currently being built between The Borders and Edinburgh.

It's still a bit chilly here, but you can feel Spring coming. And certainly see the signs.

{my bum looks so bulbous here}

I thought I would do an Outfit of the Day because I was wearing my favourite colours.

My scarf is from Topshop. I think I got it in the sales for £7 which is a total bargain cos its so thick and long and people are always commenting on it. And I love Pink.

My hoodie and leggings are from Primark.

The grey t-shirt dress is from H&M.

My amazing bag, LOVE the colour so much, is from ASOS.

And my shoes are from MATALAN.

I feel like a walking Kawaii wearing this combo but I love wearing colours that make me happy. And comfort for a small trek is key.