Making my first Zine

So I have always been interested in making a zine. I always enjoyed making sketchbook pages tell a story, but I never put them together in a wee 'book'.

I love the idea of creating a mini world in a few pages. Or visualising a story onto pages with images. Mini themed adventures.

I've been meaning to do this for a few years, so this weekend I had 3 days off the day job to kick start something.

It really was a process. I started writing the story on Friday evening. I wrote a rough draft as it spewed out my head, and then on the Saturday morning I re-wrote and fixed bits. I don't envy writers. {This is a seriously small story so i would never compare myself to real writers} I must have read it out loud about 20 times until I liked how it sounded.

It is no masterpiece, it is purely me. A reflection of me.

My printer wouldn't work on Saturday evening, so I pulled out my type writer and typed up this bad boy in bout an hour {after many mistakes}. Luckily I was planning to chop it up anyway.

And today I pasted it together.

The Woods are singing.
The leaves are tripping over themselves to kiss my shoes.
As I walk through these dancing living souls, I feel content by the noise surrounding me.
Content by the distraction of the sounds they are singing to me.
I stop for a moment to look up at the top of the tree canopy, swaying and dancing above my head.
It's hypnotising.
Everything around me is talking.
The chatter builds up until all is a buzz.

Then silence...

I spin on my feet.
All the trees are standing to attention in every direction.
The crunch of the leaves underfoot vibrates up my leg. I can feel every twig, every stone.
Everything is so still its hard not to notice the sound of my heartbeat, the in and out of air to my lungs.
I try not to break the silence as I walk aimlessly seeking out a place to rest.
I come across a fallen tree.
Stretching out my legs in front of me. I sit contemplating my surroundings.
I look up to the canopy again, the dancing has ceased.
I reach up with one hand, hoping to touch the stillness.
A small cracking noise distracts my gaze ahead of me.
One leaf gently falls towards me, and lands on my knee of my outstretched leg.
I slowly pick it up and start to look at every detail. From it's tiny veins to its unique shape.
I start to tell it how alone I feel.
How lucky it is to have so many friends.
I pour my heart out to this one leaf.
I wonder how I can tell this tiny green shape my fears and hopes, but not another person.

I stop.

There is a whooshing sound travelling towards me.
The wind picks up.
And as i look back up, the wind carries the leaf from my hand into the distance.
Lost in a sea of leaves.
As i stare after it I see motion from the corner of my eye.
Another leaf lands on my leg, then my arm and my head.
I look up into the canopy to witness hundreds of leaves falling towards me.
Laughter escapes my mouth and I allow the leaves to engulf me.
Finally, I'm not alone.


I hope to make another Zine in the next week. Something with a bit more content maybe. There is something a little more interesting about holding and reading something handmade.

If anyone can point me in the direction of any Zine people or even blogs which are Zine like that'd be grand!
Or if you're interested in what I've done let me know. Feedback is always welcome!