Top 5 Anti Valentines Day films

So I thought I would compile a list of films that won't evoke feelings of romance in you, not to a full degree anyway. I know I am in a relationship. However I still don't really get Valentines day. It's a day that makes you feel a bit crap if you are single {I have been there many times} and even if you try and ignore it, it can get a little bit like Christmas. Hard to avoid.

I understand the history of the day and see why it would be celebrated. But to me some people expect too much of someone who is meant to love them everyday anyway. You shouldn't have to book an amazing weekend away and buy all the flowers in the shop and pay for a fancy meal.

I'm usually working. So my ideal Val day would be a home cooked dinner with a cheeky beverage and a film. We usually make cards for each other. I think the longer you are with someone the less you need to put pressure on such a day.

These films have been chosen for their merit of little or no romantic energy.

 {I probably spoil a bit plot wise so if you really want to watch them spoiler free just quickly peek at the title and away again! Though I think that Trailers can spoil films too. TMI movie trailer guys!!}

Marie Antoinette

I love this film. It has twist of period drama with a modern soundtrack. The basis of the film is set around Les Miserables type times {My history is rubbish *checks google* '1768 leading up to the time of the French Revolution'} so you know straight away it's going to be tough.

Marie Antoinette is someone I didn't know much about. It is loosely based on her life but the film sums up her struggle to belong and her torn heart. Married to the French Prince {Who becomes the king, and she the Queen}, she has to grow a partnership from scratch in new surroundings. He is an unwilling lover and a weak leader {explains the French Revolution}. And she entangles herself in her children, her garden and a secret lover.

The films has pretty much no romance, it's a film of struggled emotions. But Coppola gets you there with beautiful shots, brilliant characters and the perfect soundtrack. Oh and there is a whole chunk of cake shots in the middle. yum! So you won't feel so alone eating chocolate cake with 1 spoon!

{500} Days of Summer

I fell in love with this film {and its stars} as soon as I laid eyes on it. "But you should know upfront, this isn't a love story..." These are the words that greet you as the film starts. And so true it is. This seemingly lovely beautiful girl {Zooey Deschanel} steals the heart of a naive boy {Joseph Gordon Levitt}.

Their whirl wind relationship is explained by jumping about the {500} Days and you see the varying degrees of happiness into despair. We see a lot through his rose tinted eyes until one day he realises he needs to wake up to the reality of the situation. She doesn't love him.

I wouldn't say there is no romantic value in this film, but for the majority of it you are seeing his desperation to grasp onto something he can't have. Happy Valentines!

Knocked up

From the off you know this film isn't romantic. Seth Rogen plays a sweet clueless stoner, Katherine Heigl plays a reluctant pregnant partner, after a one night stand. Says it all really.

The humour is spot on with the modern day 'Brat Pack' crew {Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel etc basically these guys always appear in films together} setting up a background for failure for Seth's character.

The journey to the outcome is a funny one, and there are a couple of hidden sweet moment. I just find it hilarious and with only Paul Rudd {Also see the spin off film 'This is 40'} as proper eye candy it is a challenge to feel the warm and fuzzies amongst all the ball busting and dirty jokes. Perfect!


{You can find the full movie on Youtube ssshhh!}

Heathers is one of my fav 80s teen flicks. Christian Slater is forever young in this film {See also 'Pump up the Volume' for a hot young Slater}. And Winona Ryder is brilliant. The 80s fashion and quirky soundtrack hold this together as a wonderfully unromantic teen movie. It looks seemingly romantic as Slater and Winona get it together, but you see the cracks begin to appear.

The romantic element is Slater's characters need to murder for his love. A strange way of protecting her from her dangerously egotistical friends. She just wants to dent them, he takes it that step further. You see her growing resentment, and inevitably it ends with and bang.

It was Mean Girls before Mean Girls were born, and the shoulder pads will rock your world. It'll leave you asking "what's the damage Heather?".

Natural Born Killers

So this film is Probably the most unromantic of the lot. Mainly due to its storyline, but the way it is film is what I would imagine being on hallucinogenics would feel like if you were a fly following a couple of killers.

Its an almost sweet pairing. Juliette Lewis and Woody Harrelson play each off so well. It's a dirty romance. Not conventional. The extreme end of the love spectrum.

I loved this film when I was a teenager. It was a hard one to watch and still is. Their crazy love sucks you in. You start to think what if that was me. Then you remember how glad you are it's not. Cos they are just mental.

❤                                                                        ❤                                                                 

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm enjoying dabbling in reviewing films. Let me know what you think!