Painting with Milk

So today I'm going to share a wee something I've been meaning to do for ages. Painting with Milk!!

It is so much fun. And far too simple!!

All you need is:

A Brush
Milk {and an appropriate container}
An Iron

{I'd recommend using sketching paper. It won't buckle and warp as much, and when you use the Iron it won't discolour so much. Assorted brushes for whatever design you want. Milk to paint with in a container. And the Iron to finish off the project}

You can either wing the design or sketch it very very lightly  with a pencil as a guide. And basically start painting away. Because the paper is white and milk is, you guessed it, white. It can be hard to see what you are painting so make sure you have enough light. Make sure you load up the brush with enough milk so that it absorbed enough into the paper for a darker outcome.

Once you are happy with your painting leave it to completely dry.

This is where the fun begins. Set your Iron high and place on a suitable surface {Don't go melting your table tops, Try a tea towel or use your ironing board!!}

Iron over the design and wait until it starts to turn a golden brown. It might take a few minutes. Just keep the Iron moving about.

I tried it a few times before this tutorial and sometimes it didn't work sometimes it did. but its the easiest medium to require so try it a few times.

This is a good way to create antique style designs. It also looks like watercolour. Its a really cool medium to experiment with. The results are never going to be consistent. I love to design personal cards for friends or art for my wall.

Let me know if you try this. I'd love to see what you come up with :).



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    1. also try adding food colouring!! But without the ironing part. watercolour/ink appearance :)


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