Painting with Bleach

So I've been trying to get this DIY done for a while, I saw the technique on Pinterest and had to try it. It's such a simple idea and Easy to do.

First what you need is:

Black pure cotton fabric {Could be a a t-shirt or simple fabric depending on your project}
Chalk {for drawing a design}
Gloves {to protect your lovely hands}
A glass jar
Bleach {I used simple bathroom bleach}
Carboard {The easiest surface to work on for the bleach}

It takes a few days to complete with drying times and washing process.

Once you find a design, take your chalk and draw it out onto the fabric. Chalk is easy to wash off which is why its the best thing to sketch out your design.

You want to then prepare your work surface for applying the bleach. Cardboard is the best thing to place under your fabric because it will absorb any excess bleach that goes through the fabric. And we don't want it going onto any surface that's dear to you.

Once you have the surface prepared you need to prepare the Bleach. Get yourself a clean glass jar. And put on your gloves. Pour out a little of the bleach {you can top it up if you need}. Also if your scared of spillage on your clothes, wear something you don't mind getting spilled on. Or even an apron.

It looks messy but its part of the fun of experimenting. And this is the first time I tried it, yep I'm learning with you!

Once you have let the Bleach develop overnight or as long as you need, pop it in the washing machine on a normal wash {on its own!!!} with a little bit of your choice of laundry juice. Once it's properly dry you will see the final look. The end result is like a light grey brown. I'm sure it will look different on different types of fabric. But thats half the fun.

I'm pleased with the look of my DIY. I plan to add some Words in the middle at some point. Possibly with yarn. And hang it somewhere. I will share this when I do it.

It's so hard to photo graph in this dull weather. The end result is not as white looking as this but I had to try and brighten it so you could see the end result better. I always think photos never pick up anything like the human eye with these sort of things.

I also used this wee photos shoot as a chance to show you something I'm working on at the moment. Will share all soon. I'm in a Hama zone!!!

Sorry for the grainy photos but I hope you are a little inspired by this technique. so many possibilities. It's great fun to do too!!