My Craft space

I have a craft room. Well it's more a place to store all my many crafting 'interests'.

Recently it has been shall we say neglected. Life getting in the way again.

I thought I'd show you where my inspiration lives.

I got this poster from my friend Sheena. And had it in the tube for years before finding a place for it. And here is lives. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. It helps living in a rather lovely part of the country. Scotland is a never ending Well of inspiration.

One of my favourite paintings I have done for a good long while. The Moon. Space is another of my inspirations. It's a fascinating large space.

I have had this board for a while and keep adding to it. Business cards and tokens. Mood boards are one of the best inspiration sources you can have.

This is my trusty craft table. A lot has gone down on this. When I moved in with my OH this was the 'kitchen table'. I know right. So I saved it from more chopping marks and replaced it with a proper kitchen table. It quite small but it's where I first started to create again so it's my sentimental landmark.

I inherited a good few craft bits from my Great Aunt. I keep then hidden in cases and boxes, away from our bunny who likes to chew everything!

This is one of my unfinished and barely started cross stitch projects. Also a lavender pouch my Great Aunt stitched.

Whilst 'tidying' I found my felting project I ordered from Hawthorn handmade on Etsy. Which I recommend you check out if you want to start felting. You get the materials required plus additional tools. The colourful raw wool on the right is a gift from my Bestie Christie.

So there you go. A wee insight into my Craft Space. I couldn't show you the full landscape of the room because it's embarrassing how much I actually have. Lots of coned wool, and bagged wool from the inlaws. Piles of books and paper. I really think I need a studio. I can dream. Maybe one day when we get our own house this will happen.