Love... What is it good for...?

I was saying the title to this post to that well known song 'War' by Edwin Starr.

I Have been really into clashing ideas at the moment. I wanted to make something cute to give to close friends for valentines day, but not cute as in gushy sick to your stomach lovey dovey guff that you could buy in any shop right now. Something where I could really let it rip.

I messed around with my Air Dry Clay and cookie letter presses. Shaped out some hearts free-hand, but you could use a cookie cutter if you have one. I just use scissors or a knife on a cutting board.

'Wild + Free' I love this one. The phrase and the contrasting paint. Neon Pink all the way.

'UM NO' This one is maybe for someone who is fine with giving rejection.

I also made this alternative anatomical heart brooch* as a quirky alternative to the usual heart shape guff. It could mean anything from 'oh, you stole my heart, I love you' to 'you stole my heart you d*ck, burn in hell'.
Or as I said 'Lets get weird'. Cos lets face it, it's a bit weird. But I like it.

*I think I wanted to make the anatomical heart since I saw a felted heart brooch at the Frightened Rabbit merchandise table years and years ago at an all day gig {when they were still an ickle band, they were actually sat behind it selling stuff}.

Rebelious crafts are my favourite.

If you would like a weird clay heart with a weird saying get in touch. Or even better give it a go yourself.