New Years Eve!!!!

Well hello there 2014. {So weird to say that}

How did you bring it in?

Myself and the OH went up to my Besties. I've been working Since Boxing Day. So as you can imagine I was both loopy and tired. It's great when someone else takes the burden off you to host.

I felt like getting dressed up after 6 days of either pj's or work uniform {I did feel over dressed compared to my chums but isn't New Year all about getting a bit glam?}. I also loved my hair and make-up here. I love wearing this scarf, it's 2 scarves sewn together to make a huge snood. My kitty bag is from Ebay. I was wearing a black midi-dress and a heart print shirt over top, both from Newlook. My crop biker jacket, which I love, is from H&M.

I was wearing my Harry Potter Time Turner necklace I found on Etsy.

Even the OH looked dapper. Also sporting my new Tesco Shopping tote from Tesco with Orla Kiely design, which is my new favourite shopping bag ever!

Check out this pinata which looks a bit like a fat cat.

 And these tiny crowns.

We spent the evening playing a weird board game called Cranium. Now, I'm pretty rubbish at board games. Especially when I need to perform in front of others. It had a charades part and I am crap at charades. I just froze. I don't come from a family who ever played parlour games after dinner. I much preferred the round involving play dough.

It was midnight by the time we finished the game. Then we watched the count down on BBC Scotland.

New year is hyped up quite a lot. This was one of our more chilled years. I look forward to New Year's day a bit more now days. I like to make a big list of things I'd like to do and write in the first page of the my fresh new diary. Basically massive geekery.

It's a time to start new projects or finish old ones. I have so many plans in my head I want to get into my list. {I will share a few in the next post}

I hope you all had a fab time whatever you did. And lets see what 2014 has to offer.