Little Miss Sunshine

I have what I call 'Little Miss Sunshine' syndrome. I get up, put my happy mask on, and get on with my day. I'm not saying I'm a complete misery. Sometimes you can't help but need a front. Everyday we face obstacles big and small. And as I've said before, getting up in the morning can be tough. You never know how you are going to feel.

During December I felt the ups and downs. I got stressed out. I felt pressure. Majorly lost, sometimes. Totally knackered, always. I felt completely tested. My emotions were exhausted. I think at one point I was having an outer body experience. I'd look in the mirror and silently scream.

Now I feel relief and relaxed as my body tries to shove out all the negative baggage I picked up during the seasonal period. I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I can start over. January does feel like a fresh start no matter how much you don't agree with resolutions, It's when the calenders reset and just a point in time to think fresh. Let go of all the baggage from throughout the whole year.

So is it wrong to admit to putting on a faux front?

My mask is always nearby. It comes from years of practice. Its not a mask of lies. It's a protective shield.

My positive thought for it is you get what you give. If you smile and appear happy, you will get it in return. I know some people have lost the ability to smile at anything but their phone, but I believe most people respond well to a smile. It's getting to be a rare occurrence though. I often say hello to someone, and it's as if you have spoke in an alien language. And to them I say good luck getting through life!

A brilliant tool advised to me by a wise woman {my mum} is to imagine a bubble around you. Let all the negativity bounce off it. It's what us hippies do to survive.

Whatever way you get through the sea of rubbish life throws, just remember, Not everybody is out to get you. If in doubt scare people away by SMILING and LAUGHING at nothing.