In need of Motivation

Ahoy there mateys. So here we are on the good ship 2014!!! 

So far I have slept ate and been merry with the fizzy pop. But I have also been thinking of ways to get myself motivated. Creatively. One of my key goals is to make memories and also to try and be creative daily, however tiny or simple, just make something. 

I  decided I would make my own list of prompt words. After a good amount of research. I compiled this one for January. {Look at the happy PINEAPPLES}. {pineapple illustration not mine}

If you have never tried journalling, this is a good method for starting one. 

Feel free to use this as your own prompt.

I'm not going to share everyday because again I don't have time to. Some I might not want to share with the world. This is not a test and it is not compulsory.

Have fun!!!!


{Share your results with me in a comment space bellow or hashtag on Instagram with #loobyroux. I'm a nosy bugger and would love to see if you try it out}