I Scream Ice Cream

To continue with the Dreams of Summer theme I NEEDED to make these Ice Cream brooches.

My favourite ice cream flavour is Mint Choc Chip. Explains my love for the colour Turquoise.

You Will need:

Airy Dry Clay
Paints of your choice {acrylic is best}
Varnish {If you have it, Modge Podge would work the same}
Brooch Clasp
Glue {Modge Podge, PVA or a glue gun}

And your imagination.

First I pre-made these cone shapes from Air Dry Clay  < (Link back to a previous post for tips)

I use these paints, Any acrylic paint would do {Check out my Pringle lid palette bellow}

Apply the paint as many times as you like to get your desired effect. (I usually do a base coat since the clay absorbs the paint, then 2 more coats. The paint i use dries quick and leaves a matte finish)

I added detail to mine for the Choc Chips and cone hatching.

To mix it up I also made this version with my cookie stamps. {Excuse the rubbish paint work, I touched it up after I realised}

Once paint is dry, apply varnish {As I said Modge Podge also works} to seal your work. Then add the Brooch clasp to the back like in the lolly pop brooch DIY. Allow plenty time to dry.

And enjoy your cute ice cream brooch. You can miss it up with other colours and textures. Add a Flake or sprinkles to the design. The options are endless.

I had fun making this. Let me know what you think.



  1. Super cute! I find the one with the stamped lettering particularly satisfying, even though I am not a fan of mint choc chip. I shall dream about wearing your version and maybe get around to making my own one day. Would go well with my Tatty Divine ice cream wafer brooch I got on sale a couple of years back.


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