I fell in Love with this film...

I fell in love with a film a few days ago. It's my film of 2014 already even though it was released in 2013. (The 25th of December which is practically this year!!)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

It is just an incredible film. It's one of those films where its both hard to explain and you take something away from it just for you.

It's a gorgeous story. From the off I identified with Ben Stiller's character, Walter Mitty. He stops to day dream, often. Very vividly in the film, but I can relate to getting your head out of a place you would either rather not be or or boredom. There's a girl at his work he likes. He works hard. His life is simple. He hasn't done very much outside of this life.

So a missing film negative sets him off on an adventure.

I can't really say anymore without giving away the plot. It is a beautiful film. You leave feeling good. The filmography is brilliant and the soundtrack is wonderful. Every character has his or her purpose.

I think Ben Stiller plays the role well. You always relate him to comedy slap tastic comedies, but he plays a really grounded person who grows. And he is looking good in this role too!!!

 Just had to share it cos its truly awesome. Go see!!!!



  1. I totally agree! Ben Stiller was perfect for this movie and I left the cinema happy with an inner peace and a want to go on an adventure!


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