Hama Time: Ice Lolly Brooch

If you have never heard or seen Hama Beads of any sort then where have you been? seriously!!

I jest. Hama beads are small plastic beads you can fuse together in shapes and patterns using a heated device called an iron. As straight forward as that!

I thought I would make something to cheer us all up from this awful Rain. {Where did winter go? I'd take snow anyday!!} So I decided to make Ice lollies!!!!

What you will need:
Assorted Hama Beads {I recommend Amazon for Hama supplies}
Hama peg board {I used a medium size one here, you can use any size or shape to your needs}
Grease proof paper {you will need this for ironing/fusing the beads together}
An Iron with Cotton/linen setting.

Glue. {I use Mod Podge, but you can use any PVA or a Glue gun}
Brooch clasp {Find anywhere online or local craft shop}

First, lay out your design on the peg board. You can change it at any time so have a play around. I decided on a watermelon, a 'Rocket' ice lolly and 'Fab' type lolly design.

Next, lay the Greaseproof paper over the top of your design.

You don't have to do multiple designs on one board like i did, I've had practice and it saves time this way.

Take your time and try out a simple design first because ironing is tricky at first. You need to be careful not to melt the board. I tend to put a firm even pressure on the beads for literally 2 seconds at first, once or twice, then use the tip to press down in areas needing help and watch through the paper to see if they are fusing. Its trial and error.

When they are done you should be able to peel them off the paper without them falling apart. Then repeat on the other side {you don't need to use the peg board for this} to make them sturdy.

Once fused you might want to leave them under a heavy book to flatten them out.

I didn't bother with these small designs. The larger the design the more it will warp.

Now to make the brooch part you will need the brooch clasp {what is the proper name for these?} and the Glue of your choice.

Et Voila attach clasp to the back and leave to fully dry.

Check out my lovely model.

I'm in love with these. A taste of summer. Which I'm looking forward to now. And now I can carry round a little piece until it comes around.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY and give Hama Beads a go.


{I plan to make Air dry clay brooches in the near future so keep em peepers peeled}