Girls: Are back in Town

That's right Shoshanna. OH EM EFFING GEE. Girls is back on TV and I can't wait to see what Season 3 has to offer.

The last season was quite the roller coaster. It touched on Hannah's OCD issues and Jessa's commitment phobia.

If you have never seen the show let me explain things so far.

Hannah, a young twenty something has just graduated. Living off her parents. She gets cut off. She hits reality hard alongside her seemingly well adjusted friends {Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna}. Until the cracks begin to appear and you realise that they are all just as lost as she is. That is basically Season 1.

Season 2 hits Hannah harder and after finding her soul mate {Adam}, she loses her grip on reality and we see her deteriorate into a shell of her former self. We discover she has and has had OCD and that the growing pressure of helping her friends has triggered. The end of Season 2 is just epic though. {Everyone needs an 'Adam' in their life}.

These last 2 seasons really gear you up for a new set of episode. Lena Dunham is one talented lady. She's brave, confident and doesn't hide anything. Literally. That's one thing you should know about Girls. Lena hides nothing from the viewer. If she gets naked she doesn't cleverly edit out her breasts. Or hide her body. And in her script she isn't scared to say the things that are inside our heads.

It was described as being like Sex and the City, which I can see why but I like to see it as more relatable show. You don't need to be a high paid woman to relate to Sex in the City but the issues were sometimes more materialistic. To me anyway.

So... I've got a total style crush on Hannah. {Who also looks like my friend Amy I forgot to add}

I can't wait to see what she wears this Season and what happens next!!!!

The new Season started on the 12th of January in the US. I'm excited to watch it soon. That's the thing about the US, they make good TV but we have to wait to see premier episodes. As well as Girls I'm also addicted to The Walking Dead and New Girl. Both of which have mid season finales and then take a break over Christmas!! Torture!!

What is your TV addiction?