February Creative Challenge

Oooh it's almost February and time for a fresh Creative challenge set. Incase you missed it here's January's list. As they say on Blue Peter {or did when I was a kid} here's one I made earlier.

As I've said before. I won't put pressure on myself to do it everyday. They are merely prompts to create something.

Feel free to join in. This is what I accomplished in January.

I might make it into a book or compile them into a sketchbook.

Got a few exciting ideas for the month ahead. Some involving tie dye, bleach and more clay adventures.

Lets kick start February!!!



  1. Love this idea.... Want to try - realistically won't manage daily.
    Maybe i should try a weekly word!

    1. i'm same. Only do what I can manage. But it's nice to have a prompt to get ideas flowing :)

  2. Not sure what I'll get done but inspired by your Feb background pattern i bought a pineapple!!

    1. aw, very cool. I love your paintings. :)


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