DIY: Sharpie Box Light

As part of my 12 days of Christmas from my Best Chummy, She gave me a box light and a suggestion for drawing on it with a Sharpie pen.

So that's exactly what I have done.

I used a design I have been using a lot recently. {It is based on crochet patterns I've seen}

I drew the pattern on in pencil before I committed it to the box light. Then braved the Sharpie.

Et Voila. One personalised patterned box light.

I wasn't too sure about the light being blue and pink. But It works really well. I might go over the sharpie again to make it more solid black but all I need to do now is find a good spot for it.

Thanks to my Chummy Christie for the idea. I really love it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think.