That Christmas Feeling...

I planned on doing a post about the Christmas lights here. However, as I was reading it back to myself I just didn't enjoy it, it sounded dull and lifeless. So...

It's taking me forever this year to get into the Christmas spirit. I think because I'm feeling out of sorts as it is, I'm slightly stunted. (incase you  missed it My post on 'My Silent Buddy' aka Winter Blues).

Christmas isn't something you can just get into over night. I know too well the shops are full of Christmas stuff from mid September. Plenty time to get into the spirit. But there is a difference between the 'Spirit' and 'buying Christmas decorations'.

I am starting to get the twinges now. The smell of ginger and cinnamon. Walking in the woods with holly bushes big and green. Drinking Chai Lattes and baking sugar biscuits. That sounds like pretentious nonsense but it's what I've been doing. These little steps help keep winter warmer.

I really got the fear the other day as I had a scary thought that maybe I was losing my Christmas spirit like Scrooge. I'm getting further away from being in my twenties. I still know lots of twenty somethings who expect a lot at Christmas. I've learnt that you don't always need what you want.

I know I am a big kid and I sometimes wonder when my adult switch will be turned to 'on'. But I'm kind of thinking that maybe I won't ever feel like an adult. Maybe being adult is keeping the balance between being overly responsible and total irresponsibility.

I don't ever want to feel as if I can't love Christmas. It's the light in the darkness of winter. For anyone suffering from SAD or the Blues it can bring a great comfort.

I caught myself singing along to a Christmas song when I was alone at work in the early hours of a morning shift. No-one around. Then I realised I was doing it and laughed and kept singing.

I think the realisation will finally come about and the Spirit will come alive. And I will feel the full pelt of Christmas cheer. And say cheerio to the Bah Humbug in me. Hello Jolly Happy fun times Christmas.