Review: Mollies Makes 'Woodland Friends'

The woodland trend has been about for a good few years now. It's a classic theme. It has a warm and natural feeling about it. Lots of textures and shapes. A lot of animals to choose from.

I went through an owl obsession for many years. Then it was foxes. And right now bears are my thing. It really is a timeless theme. It's not a trend that will disappear.

This is why when i saw that Mollie Makes was publishing a book called' Woodland Friends' I had to have it.

I subscribe to the magazine so I was a little unsure if I might have seen most of the projects in the book. However when I had a quick flick through I had never seen any of the projects before.

The introduction is clear where you are going 'Welcome to the woods' in huge type face, followed by a wee word from the Editor.

In true Mollie Makes style there are large photos introducing each project. There is no call for guess work on what you will be making.

Each project has templates (where required) and clearly layed out instructions and tips. You can't go wrong. Each step is numbered. With short paragraphs describing what you should be doing when. I can't stand instructions where it merges into one big paragraph and you lose track of where you are.

I am not as experienced in reading crochet patterns so I wouldn't know it they were useful or accurate. I usually end up using patterns as guides rather than sticking to them completely. My skills need improvement. Though the 'Shelf Ornament' crochet project demonstrates a technique I haven't seen before which is a bonus.

The mixture of crafts in this book is very good. There is something for every interest or something you haven't tried before. My favourites are the 'flying fox', the 'Fox sleep mask' (I like foxes ok!), the wee 'hedgehog sewing kit'  and the 'stags head'. There are many more I would try but these I would make straight away.

It's nice to have a book with a theme you enjoy all the way through it. Especially if like me you get a lot of inspiration from woodlands.

I really enjoyed reviewing this book because it is the kind of book I will keep in my collection for many years and refer back to. I have the Christmas book aswell which is equally fun for festive ideas.