My Top 5 Christmas Films

1. Undoubtedly National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Anything with Chevy Chase rampaging around as a crazy dad for a few hours with a Christmas background has my attention.  Favourite moments are the family trip to get the Christmas tree. The loony Aunty and her cat food jello. Eddie shouting "the sh*tters full". And too many more to mention. There is even a drinking game if like me you find Christmas Eve more boozier than Christmas day (working in retail can suck a little) then there is a perfect link here for you. oh and WARNING: You will be singing the theme song for days after.

2. Jingle All the Way. Now there is a split audience with this film. I think some find Arnold a bit out of place in this type of film. Which is kind of true. however, the film itself is so Christmassy. I find the old 90s films far more nostalgic (i did grow up in them after all) and the Christmas feel more believable. Favourite moment is the creepy neighbour being all creepy "mmmm THESE COOKIES!" and Arnold's reply "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN...NOW!"

3. I think I'm kind of biased towards films from my childhood but nevermind. Home Alone 1 &2 are films that give me the warm and fuzzies. Sure Macaulay Culkin was a bit of a brat. And his family was just kind of unreal. But it was an aspirational film for us under 10s who wanted to booby trap everything and order pizza without the parentals around. I preferred the first one to the second one. (I know there are 2 more but we don't talk about them). In the Second one he is slightly older and the script and delivery is more robotic but when your young you don't notice it. It's a classic "Merry Christmas you dirty animals".

4. Father Christmas. More of a British Classic. Same animation style as the Snowman. However I'm not so keen on the Snowman cos it had no voicing in it. Though in Father Christmas you see the party scene as Santa stops for a rest on Christmas. I just loved it when i was wee cos he goes on holiday in his caravan and gets drunk in Scotland. He also says 'Blooming', the mildest kind of naughty word. But made me gasp when i was a nipper. It's a nice twist on Christmas. It's how I always imagined him. A slay full of toys. A couple of reindeer. I loved the feeling of believing in someone magical.

5. Miracle on 34th Street (1994). It's such a sweet story. Any films which provide heart warming stories on top of a New York backdrop at Christmas. Yes please. The wee girl was in Matilda and she is equally good in this film. It really is a cheesy film but at the point where they make Santa angry you get a rage on yourself. despite this it makes me want to drink hot chocolate and wear big woolly jumpers. And it's a film that proves Santa is real. What more can we ask for!

If you haven't see any of these you really should give them a go.

I love Christmas films. Especially if you are making Christmas crafts, or wrapping gifts. It gets you in the frame of mind. Any film with Snow makes me happy. I LOVE SNOW!!

What are you favourite festive films?