Making Peanut Butter cups

Have you ever tried Reece's Peanut Butter Cups? Well if you have or have not, here is how to make them at home.

They are so simple to make and cost far less than buying the full price American favourite.

What you will need for roughly 16 cups.

Baking cases {I use the standard small size}
500g of cooking chocolate {use half for the cup, half for the topping)
400g of Peanut butter.
A dash of icing sugar {for the peanut butter to take away the salty edge}

First lay out your baking cases on a workable surface, you will be putting in a layer of melted chocolate.

Melt half the chocolate. Follow the directions of the chocolate, I usually melt it over a boiling pot of water for about 5-10mins on a medium heat.

Using a tea spoon, spoon in about one and half of the melted chocolate and with the back of the spoon spread the chocolate up the sides until there is a good base for the peanut butter. {mine are never perfectly even}

Take the Peanut Butter and put into a bowl, stir a little to loosen it up.

Add some icing sugar to preference. I usually add enough to balance the salt.

Fill the chocolate cups with the Peanut Butter, be as generous as you like as long as you leave room for the chocolate top.

Finally melt the remaining half of the chocolate and spoon to cover the Peanut Butter.

And voila! Let them set and scoff the lot!! kidding this would not be the best idea.

Enjoy with your favourite hot beverage.

I also make these half dipped Pretzels with left over chocolate.TASTY. 

It's good if you have time to make these. I am currently on night shift mode so awake a bit later than normal. Which is a bonus for baking or crafting. I'm a proper night owl. 

Only 3 days until Christmas. I have 2 days of work still to go. I feel ready to relax NOW.