If you go into the woods today...

After being stuck inside for days at work I decided that we should get outside on my weekend off.

I really needed some fresh air and sticks. Yes you heard me sticks. For a secret project and some not so secret projects. I think i ended up taking half of the woods back with me by the end. I found holly, acorn husks, feathers, leaves and of course sticks.

I loved walking through the leaves. They are all crunchy and golden right now. I love the remaining colours at this time of year. The holly was so green against the brown of the leafless trees behind them.

We went to a little woodland walkway next to the river tweed just along from the Abbotsford House

Along the trail we encountered a group of Horses in a field. I got quite excited as there was a white horse among them. We tried to coax them over to say hello but they were too busy grazing. I got a bit closer to the white horse and it started to walk towards the fence where I was. Then the next thing I knew I was stroking its nose, and feeding it some greenery.

It made my day. I have never trusted horses. But this moment was just thrilling. It was such a beautiful creature.

Since it was St.Andrews Day I wore my tartan scarf (I lie I wear it everyday, but its quite fitting for this post). I don't do outfits of the day, mainly due to it being a uniform 5 out of 7 days. However I think I look mightily Scottish here. Especially my bobble hat!

Big thanks to this guy for taking the photos for me. There are too many to share at once. may need to do a part 2 photo post :) (everytime I see the second photo I pee myself, it's one of the best 'jump' photos ever).

Here's my first gif image. I also did one in reverse so it was like magic but I can't find it now. Still magical though.

Where us your favourite place to get rid of the cobwebs?