I Love Japan!

 {I made these}

Something I haven't shared is my complete obsession with Japanese culture and in particular anything Kawaii. I don't know why I have been embarrassed or maybe I didn't feel the need too. But now it's a proper obsession.

For those of you who don't know what Kawaii is, it's basically anything cute. Just search it and you will find a treasure trove of images to coo over. It's basically one of the first things I search for on Pinterest (which is another obsession but we wont delve into that).


My first obsession was Hello Kitty. I only really started to get more obsessed with her when i met my OH. My inner geek was set free. He then introduced me to Totoro, A whole new level of obsession. I have read all 24 graphic novels of Fruits Basket. Thee cutest and best animee I've had the pleasure of reading. I was engrossed for months.

{Fruits Basket}

My fascination with Japan started long before I got into Kawaii. It's the one place I dream to go one day. The whole culture, old and new inspired me through high school Art and into my college days.

{Bento box}

Being from the Scottish Borders We don't really have diverse eateries. I think we did have had a japanese take away for almost a year absolutely ages ago. I'd really like to go to one at some point, without sounding too much like a hick, In the 'city'. (I think I will add this to my 29 to 30 goals, future post). I have tried non-raw sushi from M&S and it was dead tasty. I really want to try making it myself.

Kawaii isn't just for kids, although it does look like it is only for kids, adults should be free to express their geekery. One stand I make at work is my Hello Kitty lunchbox. If someone knows me enough they will see past the material things.

If you like addictive cuteness then try out some Japanese modern culture. You will hopefully be as obsessed as me one day.