Hello New Years

Well December Blogging is almost at an end. Did you enjoy it? I really did. It didn't feel like a chore like blogging had started to feel. It's easier to blog about a season that is filled with fun activities. And although January isn't as full of events I think I will carry on and do 'January Blogging'.

The main reason is that if you thought December felt full of the 'winter Blues' well then here comes January to pick up where December left off.

I need a focus to pull me into February {When i get my turn at a week off from the day job}. I'm playing a trick on my mind and hope to focus it on fun things. I want to try and make more, Write more, And go on more adventures and take more photos. These are my goals every year it seems, but it makes it more realistic when you keep it simple. And consistent.

I don't do resolutions. I gave up smoking in June. I don't go by the rules or madness that are resolutions. If you want to do something, do it then and there. I decided long ago that I wouldn't conform to silly fads or ideas of new year being a fresh start. The only fresh start is a new diary or calender. Which to me feels much fresher than changing my lifestyle for a few months.I'm not saying folk who do it are silly. This is my opinion and my preference. It's a lovely idea in theory but it's not for me.

The main thing I want to get out of 2014 is to make and keep more memories. Print out those photos and make them tangible. This also ties in with my creative mind.

I love my Instax cameras and urge everyone to own one because there is no much better joy than having an image develop infront of your own eyes. Most of my 2013 memories are instant moments, and phone photos. I try and mix up my photo taking methods. If we go on a road trip, I take my instax wide and mini, my old film camera (above) and use my phone. My bag looks like a developing lab by the time we get home again.

Instagram is my favourite source for keeping memories going. It's nice to share wee parts of your life. When i was a teenager I didn't have these resources {Bebo was just starting}. I think it helps, especially when you don't have immediate contact with other creative people, to share what you are making and get feedback from a wide variety of people. It's a warm fuzzy feeling.

Work has shattered me and I am looking forward to my 2 days off after New Years. {I have been working since Boxing Day!!} We are heading up to my Bestie chums house for drinks and giggles. I cannot wait!!!

I would like to thank you folks who stopped by this year and especially during my December Blogging. I think i well and truly kicked my 'Winter Blues' ass. BRING IT ON JANUARY!!!!!