experimental weave

I have been waiting ages to share this but now the relevant person has received said Weave I can share all I like.Yay.

I made it as part of the 12 days of Christmas swap we did this year. I make some and buy some, mainly buy coz its her Birthday during those days and I get bits throughout the year. Its a fun idea, you should try it. You can do any form you wish. I'm thinking of suggesting a Christmas Shoebox next year! What do you think Christie?

I only have the early stages in photo form. {Can you see how my dress matches the yarn I used. Creepy coincidence? nah}

I started using a large needle when i picked up a reasonably priced Loom because you can make more precise patterns and block colours easier. {Can you spot the mistake in the weave below? I had to re-do that}

It looks very Navajo inspired in this photo. I like the pattern and colours. And I like to think my technique is pretty good for not doing this before. I've only ever done diagonal from side to side patterns. This took more patience. But was so worth it. I love it.

I added a twig which I found in the woods that day and a pompom and tassels after shaping the bottom into a triangle through experimental weaving. And it was done. I love it and I hope she does {or did} too.

Happy Christmas Eve folks!!