Day 1 and 2 {12 Days of Christmas}

     {Photo courtesy of Christie}

We started our 12 Days of Christmas swap today. 'Hey Loobyroux it's like 9 days until Christmas!' I hear you say. Well folks we are counting Christmas Day and were both too busy on Saturday to swap then, so we did so on the 15th and go to open  2!!

I love doing this swap because its nice to get something everyday leading up to Christmas. Especially when it is handmade and is totally of Christie's personality.

I always feel nervous when I hand over mine because I never know if it will be pleasing. But I have to go by the choice that if I like it then she will. Because we are so similar in crafting tastes and I think it's easy to buy or make for someone who is also a crafter.

I already love mine. Look at this Robin. I think it is felted wool cos it is so soft.

I also love this little detail. Something I can get creative with . Maybe with my Air Dry Clay. Or anything which hangs. Cute.

I'm looking forward more to Christmas than ever. We went to the supermarket this eve and we picked out cheese and crackers for Christmas eve. I also got a few bits for Christmas dinner. I'm on late shifts from now until the 24th so I try to be as organised as I can. 

I'm looking forward to a Christmas at home this year. Last year I felt tired and unsociable. No-one wants that. We can play with our new toys and eat as much as we want, drink as early as we want. I just like the freedom aspect of a quiet Christmas.

What are you looking forward to?