Christmas Playlist

I love Christmas music. There's something about it that brings on a Christmas nostalgia that nothing compares to. I have a top 3 favourite list but it extends more when I'm doing particularly Christmassy things.

Mariah Carrey 'All I want for Christmas is You' is my ultimate favourite. It has everything you need in a Christmas song. Snow (I LOVE SNOW!!). Santas. Trees. chimes. And a uplifting swingy beat that puts a skip in your step.

I also love a bit of Paul McCartney and the Wings 'Wonderful Christmas Time'. It has the Synth from the start and its just a good song. And you can sing along (optional). The video is mad though. I mean what is going on there?

I can't help but lip sync when i hear this tune. Wham! 'Last Christmas'. It has a sombre undertone but its a stone cold classic and I will always feel Christmassy when it comes on. The video is great too. Lots of snow!! (Did i mention i LOVE SNOW!!!!). It's also a polar opposite to such videos as 'Club Tropicana' that's for sure!

Because I'm rather kind I made a wee playlist for you. Grab a hot chocolate. Put on those cosy slippers. Plug in you cinnamon scented air scent! And turn up the volume.

Christmas Playlist 2013 by loobyroux on Grooveshark

What are your favourite Christmas songs?