Christmas day: photo an hour

Hello folks. And belated Christmas Day wishes. Was Santa good?

I wish I still believed in Santa that's when it was actually fun. Now I look forward to socks and vouchers.

I decided to take photos throughout the day. You might notice I took a few naps. I was still recovering from nightshift {And still am}.

2am: I woke up after falling asleep on the sofa, and of course decided to put our Christmas meat in the slow cooker so I didn't have to worry about it in the morning.

4am: After trying to go back to sleep I got up and wandered around snapping things. Including my favourite phone cover.

{After some sleeps} 9am: Get up and make myself a cup of tea and sit in my Robin fleecy jim jam bottoms.

10am: Robo likes the present my mum got him.

11am: After stretching out the present opening as much as we could I discovered I had duplicate of these slippers. My dad had bought me these i had already bought myself for Christmas.

{After a nap}1pm: posing with my Totoro plush my mum got me. And opened the Babycham.

 2pm: Start the proper cooking. We don't have Christmas lunch at lunchtime.

3pm: cheers big ears.

4pm: The meat is ready. And Mia gets her Christmas dinner.

5pm: Finally all set to go. I love cooking Christmas dinner but I couldn't do it every year. It is so time consuming. I salute people with large families, especially with fully sized kids :)

6pm: Digestion time. And rabbit cuddles.

I hope you all had a fab day. The day itself loses its excitement factor a good few years after turning 18. When you can buy things with money you earn you need for less.

 And I find it hard to make suggestions. I think for future reference for anyone, is anything Hello Kitty, Totoro or Kawaii. If its a tiny keyring or handmade cute thing, bonus!!!

I much prefer the giving part. I couldn't care less what someone spent on me anymore. I think you learn this more when you get older and surrounded by wise owls.

Much love to all of you.



  1. Love the idea of seeing it hour by hour! Your dinner looked amazing x


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