Christmas at home

I love getting the Christmas decorations up. It makes so much of a difference having the twinkling lights and glittery tinsel around you. 

I have worked all year to get our livingroom and kitchen to a comfortable state of my personality and I love the way the decorations look this year. 

I never really choose a colour theme. I like an eclectic mix. Our tree has decorations I have collected over the years, from charity shops and some I've found in supermarkets over the years. 

The livingroom is far more colourful and eclectic. It's the 'cosy' room. our tree sits proudly by the corner window and I have hung tinsel over the picture frames. I like to 'know' that Christmas is coming. All the warm and fun ornaments replace the normal attire of the table. I think it is the only time I keep the livingroom proper tidy, as in I'm more conscious of keeping it less cluttered to show off Christmas. 

In the kitchen I like to make an effort too. Because despite how small it is, we spend a lot of time in there. And it helps when I'm cooking or baking to have something festive nearby. I have our small white tree that i got from a Pound shop (and have had for 4 years!!) is small enough to sit on our kitchen window sill. I tend to keep the colours simple, Golds and silvers. This year i got some cute wee lights to put on it. I also found a snowman tin which acts as extra decoration next to tree. 

This year I am spending it at home with my Love and looking forward to a chilled out day of indulgence. Work is busy and my head is yet to say hi to Christmas jolly. Only 4 days. Not that I'm counting. 

Oh and if she manages to read this Happy Birthday to my bestie Christie. xoxo