Air dry clay

I have never been a big fan of making pottery. I don't quite have the patience and I always end up dropping my creations. I have nightmares about a really rushed and bad small sculpture of me playing a guitar for my higher art course at school. And later on I created really rubbish building pots at college, which in my head seemed more elegant and house like, ended up looking like badly made plant pots.

Now in my late 20s I have discovered the wonderful joy of Air Dry clay. It's just so much fun. I keep my designs simple and we get along fine.

I use DAS Air Dry Clay which is cheap as chips and really, really good. I think This clay is paper based. The texture can be rough or smooth depending on how you handle it. I just can't fault it.

My experience with it is basically using cookie cutters to cut out shapes or cutting free style from the rolled out clay. Sometimes i use scissors to cut corners freehand.

When it's dry you can sand down any faults and smooth out the edges and corners. Then you can decorate away. One tip for painting is get a really good thick paint. for more vibrant colour and the clay will absorb some of the first coat so treat that as a primer coat.

I use 'Crafter's Acrylics' paint for a lot of projects. A small bottle but with amazing colours. And a little can go a long way. Additionally I use a Crafter's varnish to seal the paint and protect the clay, it also brings out the colour some more.

Air Dry Clay is in my top 5 crafting activities. It's a craft I didn't think i would enjoy due to past experiences but it is a fab versatile, and less risky, form of pottery.

Recently I made this hanging Woodland scene (which is currently hanging in our living room amongst the Christmas decorations) using an IKEA bear cookie cutter and I cut out the trees from a flat piece of clay using scissors.

Depending on how warm your house is the clay can take 24 hours to 48 hours to dry. I try and flip them over after a couple of  hours to let the underneath get some air.

I collected the stick During my woodland walk. I really wanted to finish the over all look with something genuinely from the woods.(All sticks I collected were already dead or on the floor, I would never cut a tree that was still growing). And I love it. I would love to have more time to make more of these to sell but alas time is rare for me these days.

It's 12 days until Christmas how mental is that. I finished wrapping my gifts lastnight. Just need to get the food, oh the lovely food, in and try and enjoy the lead up a bit more.