Life Recently

Been a busy bee recently. But My Instagram never fails to be convenient.

It has been a looooong winter. But up here in Scotland we are used to it. {Well most of us, I've heard a lot of negativity about the weather which doesn't help anyone} There is a wee contrast in these trip photos. cold^ and warm>

Spring time walks at Bamburgh Bay and Seahouses. I love the seaside shop there. It has everything!

Spending time with my Pa restringing my guitar and listening to him play.

Meeting up with my gal pals for tea and cake in my hometown.

Finally feeling Summery and Spring like. At least the suns saying hello. I hope to get out more and start stretching my legs on my bike and getting some more photo memories. Winter has dampened a lot of us but no point dwelling that it still rains. Get on with it! Lets make Summer 2013 a good one!!