sketch booking

The one little pleasure in life I love is Sketch booking {and journalling}. Another little joy and privilege is being able to look into other peoples sketch books. If you ever attended college or any art course. Looking through fellow artisans books was extremely endearing and inspiring. {My friends still do this when they come round}.

I was always amazed at how differently someone thought and expressed themselves. My first memory of this was looking through old drawings my mum did of our childhood cats. {my mum is so very talented at drawing I wish she would pick it up again, she was my earliest inspiration to draw and doodle when I was little}.

My favourite memory was at high school taking a trip with Art class up to the Edinburgh College of Art, which was like a Mecca to all of us at the time. {Though now I prefer the Glasgow school} I was drawn straight to the sketch books. They were torn and fat and had stuff sticking out of them and just looked full of life.

I will always love making sketchbooks, I have recently channelled this into making journals. Not always about life but anything. It helps when I'm having trouble with time to make things to make even just a page or set up a few pages for when I want to fill them. Sometimes I cut pictures, textures, colours out of magazines and put them onto pages like a mood board. There are so many ways to keep a sketch book. The main thing is that you are recording your visions and ideas in your own way.



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Here is a link to my other blog {which has become a bit dormant} showing some pages I have done in the past

Go forth and be Creative....

                                                               ❤ Loobyroux