Thrifty Happy

I haven't really had a good chance to go round the Charity shops. And when I have my imagination has never been its best. Holibobs to the rescue! Coz I found a good few gems this week.

A cosy Yorkshire blanket for A/W 2013. This was only £3.50. It's huge. I saw 2 in another shop that were 4 times that price and no where near the condition.

A set of 4 Pyrex cups for only £2. I love the colours. So happy they were still in a set coz they were just popped in a section for mugs and cups for 50p each!

I have finally found a wee guitar. part of the 5 things I want to own in 5 years. Only the record player to go!! It is missing a string and bashed up a bit but with a little love it will look amazing. And something to get back into. it was only £6 which really swung it for me. When I bought it the BF said he'd carry it home and then started to serenade me on the walk home. He can't play so it was all plinky plonky noises. But ever so sweet!

I'm obviously collecting for my eventual ownership of a record player. but these covers caught my eye. I shall listen to them when the time comes but I want to pop these up on the walls in our flat. so pretty and Spring like.

A great source of inspiration. Love old Nature books.

A girl can't have enough Judy!

I also acquired some coned yarn. All by interacting with the people in the shop. Nothing wrong with having a chat with another human.

I went to Peebles at the weekend in hope of some goodies but I was thrown by the rudeness and ignorance of fellow shoppers. And my favourite shop was closed. Bad times. I love chatting with the folk in the shops. Ask questions. You never know what they have back there.

I also have another knitting machine on its way. Which i cant wait to try out. I suppose I better make room. *Queue Spring Clean mode*

                                                                  ❤ Loobyroux