Hello Blythe

I have joined the craze. These dolls are just amazing. And a chance to develop my crochet skills. Lastnight after a wee road trip I relaxed with a cuppa and experimented with some crochet. I'm still a total beginner but thanks to youtube and many inspiring photos on Pinterest {follow me!!} crochet is easy to sort of shape to what you want. I kind of went for a forest nymph style dress. Forest is my current obsession of course. The yarn works so nicely merged together.

The thing about the shape of the body is you can base sizes around Barbie clothes. The length of the body is slightly shorter but the shape is pretty similar.

I did think maybe it was a little childish to own a doll like this. But why not? They are perfect for designing and making outfits you can only dream of. As a woman that's just brilliant. The possibilities are literally endless. And one day I can hand them down.

Happy Friday

                                                              ❤ Loobyroux